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Nimbus Helps IDME to Become a Smart Tech Company

Nimbus Helps IDME to Become a Smart Tech Company

23 July, 2014

The competition, which was part of the Nimbus Industry Open Day, was open to anyone with a good idea involving connectivity and the winner received €5000 worth of Nimbus research.

From the large number of excellent ideas submitted for the competition, the winner was a technology upgrade to an existing product which has already received acclaim.  IDME has created and produces identity wristbands to provide contact details for immediate recovery if the child becomes separated from its parent. The Nimbus Centre will now research the technical requirements to develop a prototype to make this a ‘smart’ product, connected by wireless technology.

The founder, Dee O Leary, who you might recognise from her pitch on the RTE TV show  Dragon’s Den, says

“My three-year old calls it his 'secret agent' wristband; I call it a little bit of peace of mind! To now see this product connected digitally makes even more sense!”

The Nimbus Centre has been developing the IoT for years, with many large ongoing EU projects, and is now helping individuals and companies exploit this hugely expanding area.

This is a service that Nimbus has already successfully provided for hundreds of other ideas, delivering the electronics ‘know-how’ for those with no technical knowledge or insufficient resources. Funding for this kind of research is available through the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher scheme.

We wish IDME well with this latest exciting victory for their business, and we are excited to see the fruits of this collaboration. If you have a product that could use some technical know-how in order to improve it or make it a ‘smart’ technology, get it touch and we can connect you with the relevant experts in CIT.

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