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New Mayfield Arts Centre Engagement in Practice

New Mayfield Arts Centre Engagement in Practice

24 April, 2017

Mayfield Arts Centre is a unique dedicated arts space based in the heart of Mayfield, Cork City at Newbury House Family Centre. Mayfield Arts develops, manages and delivers arts programmes and training in consultation with the local community (see

In 2016 they identified a need to raise the brand awareness of the Arts Centre and to promote the benefits of the centre to the local community. They entered discussions on the possibility of a student live assignment with CIT lecturer Dr Rose Leahy. Jointly it was decided that the Master in Marketing Practice class of 2016/2017 would be a suitable cohort of students to work on the task set by Mayfield Arts Centre.


It was a successful collaboration and Mayfield Arts Centre were delighted to engage with the Masters students.

‘We found the experience very
beneficial. We appreciated the student’s
enthusiasm and commitment to the
project. We will certainly be taking some
of the recommendations on board.’ - Mayfield Arts Centre

See contentfiles/casestudies/Mayfield%20Arts%20Centre.pdf for more details of the collaboration.