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Recognition of Prior Learning Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Recognition of Prior Learning Certificate Presentation Ceremony

25 October, 2017

On September 14th 2017 Dr Barry O’Connor, President of CIT, presented certificates of completion to 12 learners – mainly members of staff of Kilkenny Carlow ETB (KCETB) - who had successfully completed a 10 credit Level 9 module on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).


The module RPL; Policy, Practice, Pedagogy was developed as part of the Masters in Teaching and Learning in CIT. The event was attended by Cynthia Deane – Chief Executive KCETB, and Councillor Peter Cleere – Chairperson KCETB. Recognition of Prior Learning has been in the culture of CIT since 1996 and it has ensured that all learning can be valued for access, transfer and progression at all levels and in all disciplines in CIT and its constituent colleges.


It has enabled CIT to respond to changing regulatory requirements, recession fallout, upskilling and reskilling needs. We have seen first-hand, how employers and learners benefit from the flexible and sensitive learning opportunities recognising what people already know, whether that learning has been gained through work, formal education or other aspects of life. This opportunity to partner with KCETB in the provision of a module allowed staff to build competence and capability in RPL and will directly support the development of strong RPL frameworks in further education impacting on a wide variety of learners and workplaces.


The course was delivered in a flexible and blended structure. The partnership between CIT as a higher education provider and KCETB as a further education and training provider isn’t new as we in CIT value our relationships with education and training providers as well as industry partners – viewing learning as a continuum with learners transitioning in and out of higher and further education and the workplace.


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Pictured is Margaret Ryan KCETB with Dr Barry O'Connor, President of CIT.