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Partner: CAMMS

Partner: CAMMS

19 June, 2018



CAMMS (Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Management Systems) is a Continuing Professional Development Centre (CPD) within CIT dedicated to providing opportunities for workforce development and personal upskilling.

The Need

The staff in CAMMS recognise the importance of Public Relations (PR) to their centre, and consequently they identified the need to increase their PR efforts. The team sought the assistance of the third year students from the Business Administration Course at CIT. The students collaborated with CAMMS as part of their PR Campaign Assignment.

The Solution

Over the course of six weeks, four teams of students from the third year Business Administration course worked on a PR campaign specifically for CAMMS which culminated in a live pitch to a panel of judges. The winning team (pictured above) impressed the panel with their campaign focusing on both digital and traditional PR methods. To mark their success, they were presented with CAMMS engraved Parker Pens.

Critical Success Factors

Through the collaboration, the CAMMS team now have a better understanding of PR, and are in a better position to launch the PR campaign developed for them. The experience the students received from working on this live case was invaluable as it provided them with an experiential learning opportunity.

Benefits of the Engagement

“We were highly impressed with the standard of the campaigns presented on the day. It has certainly given us inspiration for future PR campaigns.” - CAMMS Centre Manager, Michael McGrath. “The collaboration resulted in a win-win situation for both students and our client CAMMS. Both Ciara Lavelle O’ Brien and Michael McGrath Centre Manager engaged very positively with the students from the outset. I believe the students gained invaluable experience from the collaboration. Our client CAMMS certainly learned a little about PR from the engagement.” - Public Relations Lecturer Finbarr Sheehan.

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