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Access English Campus Ltd

Access English Campus Ltd

16 September, 2017

Profile of Company

Access English Campus have been operating as an English Language School for 25 years. It is open for English language learning during the Summer months for students between the ages of 10-18 years. Its integrated language, recreational, cultural and social programmes offer students a unique opportunity to use English in a friendly and supportive environment, forge their personal character, live with others and become confident in speaking everyday English. The company have a very strong international business clientele. Their main focus is in developing the language learning and activity aspects of a cultural learning experience here in Ireland.

Problem to be Solved

The company encountered challenges with their business model in the past year. Many of their agents and suppliers have diversified to meet the changing needs of an online market, resulting in the need for Access English to also change and diversify. The company needed support in solving a web-based and service delivery model problem. Access English had a web-presence, but it was purely informational and needed to be designed to capture more of the market.

How Gateway Delivered the Solution

TEC Gateway implemented a UX based methodology to solve this problem in 3 distinct stages. Firstly, they identified and interviewed the target users for the Access English Campus Service. This allowed TEC to evaluate and understand the needs, goals and context of the users. Secondly, an audit and usability test of the current web service was carried out, which helped further define more changes that needed to be addressed. Both these actions helped in identifying the criteria that needed to be designed into the new web-service. Lastly, a new-web service was designed using the new requirements gathered from stages 1 and 2 by building wireframes (mock-ups). The company could then implement the solutions with their developers to help to grow their online business and target their users more effectively.

Impact for Access English Campus

With their new web-based service delivery model, the company can now understand the needs of their users/clients in a more in-depth manner. This enables Access English Campus to further develop their web-service to meet the demands of a growing online market. The service has enhanced their business and enabled them to become more competitive in their market place.

Company Testimonial

‘Access English Campus would like to place on record our deepest appreciation to researchers Alex Joyce and Anne McEvoy of TEC Gateway for their kind consideration, attention to detail and delivery of their very professional recent report on auditing and enhancing our company website. We were pleased to implement the advice that was given and are looking forward to working with them shortly on a second Enterprise Ireland voucher scheme’. – Doc Traynor, Director Access English Ltd.

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