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Partner: EMC²

Partner: EMC²

09 July, 2014

The Need

When considering students for work placement EMC require well rounded individuals with a wide range of Business and Information Systems skills. The mix of the skills profile in relation to EMC’s business needs very much determine the student that is chosen.

The Solution

CIT’s Business Information Systems Honours Degree course aims to educate and train students in a wide range of Business and Information Systems skills. This mix of Business Information Technology and Information Systems allows students to examine the use and management of information technology in a variety of business environments. Amanda Coleman, a 3rd year Information Systems Honours Degree student, who secured her place through a competitive applications process, was this year’s successful candidate for placement in EMC. Amanda performed many different tasks during her 6 months with the company. Initially her role involved systems support. Amanda was equipped to solve any troubleshooting difficulties that arose such as reps having difficulty with the CRM system. These problem solving skills gave Amanda an opportunity to understand the systems from a user perspective. As a result of her prior theoretical knowledge and experiential learning at EMC, this insight allowed her to progress to tasks such as gathering information for and publishing out Management and Executive reports.


Managing the expectations of all involved and ensuring placement is acknowledged as a core course component can be challenging at times. CIT’s Business Information Systems students were given the opportunity to apply the vast knowledge acquired during the academic term to the working environment. They were able to do this in an innovative and well established company.

Critical Success Factors

Student and industry mentor supports during placement reinforce all parties’ commitment to the process. The continuous placement of BIS students in EMC proves in its own right the standard of the students and the benefits EMC receive as they play a role in the company’s success.

Benefits of the Engagement

From the students’ perspective, work placement is a positive unique learning experience. Amanda was given the opportunity to utilise her academic learning in a practical manner while gaining an insight into the reality of working in the ’real world’. Placement allows students develop an awareness of workplace culture, career strategies and the chance to develop independence, self-confidence and networking skills. EMC can capitalize on the fact that these students have the latest knowledge on industries and systems, and use it to their advantage. Placement allows EMC to trial a potential recruit without obligation, and supplies a pool of potential employees with a general awareness of skills required in the workplace culture.

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