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Partner: Dairygold

Partner: Dairygold

09 July, 2014

The Need

Dairygold identified the need to analyse the relationship between the various stakeholders at CIT and Dairygold, to ensure the highest calibre of graduates are recruited each year onto their graduate programme, as well as attract students from a broader range of disciplines. Through working with the Masters students, Dairygold hoped to more effectively communicate the diverse range of opportunities on offer and to understand how they could work towards attracting CIT’s ‘best in class’ graduates on a continuous basis.

The Solution

In addressing Dairygold’s needs, the students conducted a critical analysis of the current relationship between CIT and Dairygold. The existing connections Dairygold had were strong but only with a small number of lecturers. The students, therefore, presented their analyses and recommendations, identifying the units and individuals that would be key to meeting Dairygold’s objectives. In particular, introductions were made to CIT Extended Campus and the Institute’s Careers Office.

Critical Success Factors

From the outset, Dairygold communicated their needs to the students clearly which, in turn, aided their approach to finding solutions for Dairygold. Throughout the project, Dairygold were available for questions which ensured the students had an in-depth and thorough understanding of their needs while undertaking their research. The Masters in Marketing Practice programme is unique in that it focuses on real marketing problems and identifies appropriate marketing solutions for organisations. This made these students ideally suited for this partnership.

Benefits of the Engagement

The research results, provided by the students, led to an in-depth understanding by Dairygold as to their current relationship with CIT and its students. It clearly outlined the best methods by which to reach particular CIT units and, through those units, attract the attention of the best in class graduates. Dairygold now possess a much more detailed view of CIT and, most importantly, are aware of their key stakeholders who can support them in their identification of distinctive CIT graduates. A single direct channel of communication has now been established through which Dairygold can direct all requests. “It has given us renewed impetus to enhance our recruitment process and to attract CIT’s best graduates across a range of disciplines.” Mary Cronin HR Manager, Dairygold “There was a great fit between the problem Dairygold HR Department wanted to have investigated and the learning outcomes of our two modules.” Conor Kelleher Coordinator, Masters in Marketing Practice.

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