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Partner: Expert Security Ltd.

Partner: Expert Security Ltd.

01 November, 2018

Company Background

Expert Security Ltd. is a Dublin based company providing locking solutions for the commercial and residential sectors. The company includes a retail locksmith and security premises in Dublin 1, locksmith service vans, door maintenance and a division specialising in wireless access control solutions. 

The Need

Expert Security Ltd. wished to develop an enhanced access control platform that would expand their existing RFID system to incorporate touch capabilities. RFID2TOUCH is a patent pending technology that converts RFID to direct touch, allowing a signal from a card or key fob in your pocket to travel over the skin for secure and convenient authorised access. This technology is safer and more practical than presenting a card or a key fob to a reader, especially for less dexterous or busy hands. 

The Solution

The Nimbus Technology Gateway is one of 15 Technology Gateways run by Enterprise Ireland in partnership with Institutes of Technology. Nimbus is at the forefront of Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things research, making it a perfect match for Expert Security Ltd.

Nimbus tested and confirmed all proof of concepts and reviewed all technical aspects of the prototype presented by Expert Security Ltd. Nimbus recommended value-added requirements and defined a plan to implement such requirements.

The engagement with Nimbus was facilitated through Enterprise Ireland’s Innovation Partnership Programme and Innovation Voucher initiative.

Benefits of the Engagement

The upgraded prototype with new intelligence and enhanced features has enabled Expert Security Ltd. to attract new investment and a new customer base. The collaboration with Nimbus has given the security company a roadmap to plan for future developments with minimum risk. Expert Security Ltd. continues to partner with the Nimbus Technology Gateway to create a new blend of high-tech security solutions.

“Our experience with the Nimbus Technology Gateway has been very positive. We are very happy with deliverables so far and are very thankful to Enterprise Ireland for their support through the Innovation Voucher and Innovation Partnership programmes” -  Dave O’Toole, Expert Security Ltd.




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