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Partner: Dunkettle Interchange

Partner: Dunkettle Interchange

17 January, 2019


The Dunkettle Interchange in Cork is Ireland’s busiest junction outside of Dublin with traffic volumes of over 115,000 vehicles per day. Transport Infrastructure Ireland, SISK Engineering, and Cork County Council are partnering to deliver the Dunkettle Interchange Upgrade Project at a cost of €100 million.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) have launched a website, with the aim of providing real time information on traffic volumes, journey times, incident alerts etc.  TII will be issuing a complementary app in March 2019 in order to make the information even more readily available.

The Need

To create a marketing campaign to promote use of the new website and app and to develop novel ideas on how best to reduce traffic volumes at the interchange, particularly during the construction phase of the upgrade works.

The students worked on the live case in groups, culminating in a showcase event with students presenting their work to representatives from TII, Cork City Council and SISK. Awards were given for the best idea and best pitch, with one student being offered a summer work placement to implement the winning campaign!

As part of the collaboration with CIT, TII will also host a Business student and a Marketing student on work placement beginning in January 2019.

The Solution

Students developed brand ideas to help promote the new website and App. Brands included “Don’t Settle on Dunkettle”, “Flow”, and “Cork’s Road to Success”. They also came up with creative ideas for billboards, strategic signage, radio adverts, and video testimonials to help to promote the website and App.

The students also created innovative ideas for reducing traffic volumes during the Project. Some of the suggestions included preferential car parking spaces for car poolers, a ‘Tinder for Transport’ carpooling App, company shuttles, fuel vouchers, sponsorship, and subsidised tolls/ferries outside of peak times. They also suggested surveying the commuting habits of workers in large organisations.

The winning idea was the suggested development of a virtual reality simulator showing the drive through the upgraded interchange. This simulator will be set up in busy business areas such as Mahon Point and Little Island to promote the benefits of the Project with commuters.

Benefits of the collaboration

The students were given a significant opportunity to utilise and develop their communication, presentation, and entrepreneurial skills in a real life business scenario. Working on such an important Project for Cork will differentiate these students and give them a unique entry to their CV’s.

TII, SISK and Cork County Council have benefited from the generation of these innovative ideas that they will progress and implement in the near future.

We are delighted with the range and quality of ideas put forward by the student groupings.  We look forward to progressing / implementing a number of the suggested options with the further assistance of CIT Marketing and International Business students. ” - Kieran Lehane, Site Supervisory Team.

These projects bring the theory to life for the students by allowing them to work closely with industry on solving real-life business issues. Live Cases help to differentiate CIT students by providing them with significant tangible projects to add to their CVs” - Sharon Lehane, Lecturer, Department of Management & Enterprise.




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