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Partner: Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Partner: Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

22 July, 2019


Atlantia Food Clinical Trials is a world class dynamic company providing clinical trial expertise for the food, beverage and supplements sector. 

The Cork company offers a personalised professional end to end service, operating to ICH GCP standards. Atlantia owns and operates its own clinics, personally overseeing every aspect of their trials. Their clients include some of the world’s largest food and ingredient companies. 

The Need

When a contract is signed, and ethical approval is granted, Atlantia can move a project forward. At this point resources are critical.

The Solution

3rd year Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Nutrition and Health Science students cover a number of nutrition modules including Nutritional Analysis, Nutrition and Health and Nutrition Communication, making them a great fit for Atlantia.

Ms Ursula Leonard, Operations Manager at Atlantia Food Clinical Trials, said these placement students provide the resources Atlantia need to carry out back end work such as dietary analysis, preparation of sample collection kits, and telephone screening. 

Ms Leonard said CIT students are very tech savvy, and get up to speed on Atlantia’s needs very quickly. “Placement students come on aboard and can start working almost instantly after learning our internal processes. Through this hands-on type training, we watch them develop their skills and become equal counterparts,” she added.

Benefits of the Engagement

The collaboration with Atlantia has led to several other opportunities for CIT students, including final year projects and employment.

As the company has grown, opportunities have arisen and CIT graduates have put their hand up for promotions. Atlantia currently employs four CIT alumni on permanent contracts, five 4th year students on part-time contracts and hosts four interns on placement. 

Later this year the company will open a Chicago office, creating six new jobs, two of which will be filled by CIT graduates.

“CIT students have a practical, driven and attention to detail mindset. We were really impressed by their growth from start to finish. They showed the commitment required in a small business, and it’s no surprise that we have hired on permanent contracts after graduation.” - Ursula Leonard, Operations Manager, Atlantia Food Clinical Trials




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