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Partner: Lidl

Partner: Lidl

01 October, 2019


Summer is a strong trading period for grocery retail largely driven by a change in shopper needs and behaviours. Key categories such as fresh meat, beer wine and spirits, ice cream, sun creams and fruit and veg all see strong uplifts over the summer period.

The change in behaviour is largely centred around the need for lighter meals and BBQ solutions; retailers must try hard to deliver on these seasonal needs to gain market share. This is a highly competitive market, and all retailers are fighting to stand out to showcase their strong summer offerings.

The Need

Lidl traditionally sees an uplift in sales during the summer period, largely driven by the sale of non-food items. In a review of Summer 2018, Tesco won the largest share of grocery sales due to their ability to deliver on BBQ meal solutions. In order to be a relevant food shop destination for summer, Lidl Ireland needed to communicate its range of products as meal solutions for the summer period.

The Solution

CIT Marketing student, Clodagh Cullen, worked with Lidl Ireland on the campaign planning team. One of the key elements of their summer campaign was to create a 60-page summer brochure. Working on this campaign was Clodagh’s first big project. This brochure was a key method of communicating Lidl Ireland’s summer range to a national audience.

L-R: Jennifer O Callaghan, Lidl Ireland; Clodagh Cullen, CIT Marketing student and Grainne McGlade , Lidl Ireland.

Benefits of the Engagement

Clodagh worked hard on compiling lists of Lidl Ireland’s food and non-food summer items on sale. She organised all the samples and photography for the brochure photoshoot. Jennifer O Callaghan, Campaign planning for Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland said that from day one, Clodagh was professional and open-minded. “She was a very quick learner and had no problem keeping up with the fast pace of work at Lidl Ireland.

“I gave Clodagh a lot of responsibility and she always stepped up to the challenge without hesitation and always delivered on the task at hand.  She developed relationships with many people around the business in a short space of time,” Ms O Callaghan added.


Clodagh liaised with multiple departments internally as well as external agencies, to ensure the brochure was created and produced to a high standard, printed on time, and most importantly showcased Lidl Ireland’s summer range of products. The brochure was dropped to houses all over the country, inserted in national newspaper titles and was also available in all Lidl stores in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

"Clodagh was a really great fit within the marketing department and was a great asset to have. We found the CIT placement programme fantastic, and Clodagh’s work during this time was really beneficial to both the department and to the company.’’ - Jennifer O Callaghan, Campaign planning for Lidl Ireland & Northern Ireland.










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