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Partner: Dell Technologies

Partner: Dell Technologies

20 February, 2020


Due to increased diversity in the workplace, a major issue facing leaders in Dell Technologies, Cork, is to ensure their brand is the employer of choice for Generation Z. Gen Z include those born after 1995 and are considered digital natives as they grew up in the digital age. While meeting the needs of Gen Z, Dell must also continue to satisfy the requirements of their more mature workforce and maintain engagement. This can be challenging when two generations are working together with different needs.

The Need:

With approximately 4,000 employees in Ireland, Dell wants to leverage a culture of inclusion and respect amongst all generations by means of communication strategies. As career spans continue to lengthen, the multigenerational workforce has become a hot topic across the Technology industry. With this in mind Dell tasked CIT’s 4th Year Business Students to investigate the expectations of Gen Z’s entering the workforce as well as current Dell employees’ perceptions of Gen Z.

The Solution:

The research conducted by CIT students amongst older Dell employees found that perceptions of Gen Z were quite negative being described as ‘a needy and a technology dependent generation’. In order to challenge this perception CIT students designed an Inclusion Strategy which focused on integrating the multigenerational workforce in Dell Technologies. The aim of this strategy was to enhance engagement and foster positive relationships across generations. The winning group created a strategy which included reverse mentoring, generation days and the use of technology to communicate diversity and inclusion initiatives across Dell. This strategy aims to combat the issues facing the multigenerational workforce.

Benefits of the Engagement:

Having studied a module based on workforce diversity the Live Case Study allowed students to gain real world experience on the importance of workforce diversity. Students felt they were contributing to a very successful and inclusive organisation and this proved to be a significant motivation factor. This was Dell’s first time engaging with CIT Business students and Tricia Smyth, Head of Diversity and Inclusion EMEA Dell Technologies said they were amazed by the energy and enthusiasm displayed by students and how collaborating on the Live Case Study had impacted Dell’s outlook for the future.


‘’What came back was a presentation of innovative solutions and ideas. This was a prime example of diversity of thought combining research, a fresh perspective and the bringing together of Academia with industry to solve a real-life business challenge.  We will definitely implement some of the presented ideas in the coming year in Dell, and really look forward to working more closely with CIT as we drive our vision for 2030.’’ - Tricia Smyth, Head of Diversity and Inclusion EMEA Dell Technologies




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