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08 May, 2020

Background is a new start-up venture based in Cork and headed up by Billy O’Connor. As a business owner and commercial accountant for 30 years, Billy has delivered lectures in accounting to 3rd level students and businesses for over 10 years.

The Need

Billy noticed that traditional accountancy teaching methods fail to explain the fundamentals of accountancy, leading to difficulty for students to grasp the DEBK system (Double Entry Book Keeping).

This disparity in the methods and materials for teaching and learning accounting sparked the development of a software simulator called the ACCq app and the business venture.

Understanding that students today are looking for more innovative visual and interactive learning methods, Billy approached the Nimbus Research Centre to develop his idea for the ACCq app.

The Solution

As one of fifteen Enterprise Ireland Technology Gateways, with 60 full-time researchers and engineers on-site, Nimbus provides businesses with innovative software and hardware technical research and development capabilities.

The team at Nimbus worked with Billy to identify the required software development, e-learning, UX skills and business strategy to bring and the ACCq app from a paper-based concept into a digital reality.

Nimbus was able to design, build and test the software platform and the ACCq app enabling the client to outsource all the software development skills to make into a legitimate SaaS business.

Benefits of the Engagement

Through the application of user-centered design workshops, contextual inquiry, customer journey mapping, and rounds of usability testing, Nimbus was able to test and validate the various stages of design, ensuring it was on target and suitable to solve user requirements.

Nimbus guided and supported through every stage - from research to design and development, enabling the company to showcase its platform to potential customers and begin trading as a business.

“The Nimbus team have a solid knowledge of the software and tech industry and provided invaluable expertise in getting our product into the major accounting practices. We recently closed a deal for 1,000 licences for our ACCq software simulator and are now employing 1 other person in This is a real testimony to Nimbus’ support and a highlight local success story in the tech sector.” - Billy O'Connor Owner, & ACCq 






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