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Partner: SteriTrack

Partner: SteriTrack

06 October, 2020


SteriTrack™ is a healthcare information technology company with proven experience in the healthcare industry. The Tractus™ Platform is the only fully integrated hardware and software Universal AIDC technology system which captures medical device UDI data in and out of the sterile field for real-time documentation and inventory management.

The Tractus Platform and its patented scanning technology focus on patient safety by leveraging UDI data in governmental databases, such as GUDID, FDA medical device recall (MDR) database, and Eudamed (once operational) for point-of-use interfacing to ensure medical device safety prior to use or implantation. 

Tractus securely shares utilization information with EMR, and ERP systems to provide clear visibility into the procedural care area. Unlike other systems, SteriTrack provides cloud database services and machine-learning capabilities to support post-market surveillance of medical devices for development of patient care best practices and improved patient outcomes.

The Need

SteriTrack has a reader for scanning QR codes in operating theatres for implants which is linked to the back-end system within the hospital. The Nimbus Research Centre were contracted to redesign the hardware, camera and AI/ML software to produce a more reliable unit with an 80% reduction in manufacturing costs.

The Solution

The Nimbus Centre initially reviewed all technical aspects of the prototype presented to them and carried out an assessment of the potential to use different hardware platforms and develop software to analyse the output to accurately read the QR codes down to 0.5mm in cross section as the item was being swept across the scanner head.

To date 3 prototypes have been built and the AI/ML software developed. The Nimbus Research Centre is getting the results needed and will complete the last prototypes and fine-time the software and train the models.

Benefits of the Engagement

This experience has provided the company with access to a R&D partner that can provide the full suite of technology HW and SW services. The full technology development road map was put together, funded and delivered.

The target of cost reduction of 80% will be exceeded thus assuring the company more profits and the ability to expand the technology into different domains. It has also built strong working relationships between the StreriTrack and the Nimbus team.

“Nimbus have done an exemplary technical job and also guided us very effectively through the funding models on this scanner project. We hope to continue to work with Nimbus well into the future.”
— Alan Gormley VP of Operations for EMEA 



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