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Partner: SCRI-IS Technologies

Partner: SCRI-IS Technologies

15 October, 2020


SCRI-IS Technologies is an independent consultancy, analysis, training and technical solutions provider. They specialise in managing the full life cycle of complex engineering components integral to modern process manufacturing. Using both current and next-generation asset management techniques they continually develop client-focused, regulatory compliant solutions to improve the availability, predictability and reliability of high-value production systems in ever more demanding environments. 

The Need

Elastomers are rubber-like materials supporting flexible and elastic properties, primarily ensuring tight seals between hard metal surfaces. Elastomers prevent leaks and separate fluids and many Biopharma plants have a large volume of installed valves (5000 or more). Each one needs to be serviced, maintained and documented correctly to avoid problems (ECO Register). The cost of failure is high, but the cost of exchange is also high, with an estimated that 50% of maintenance activity consumed by soft parts change out. There is also plant downtime, leading to a clear need for cost-saving measures.

The Solution

Nimbus Technology Gateway developed a Customer Relationship and Asset Management System based on data linked to the mechanical aspects of valves and for managing the service provision associated with ECO (Elastomer Change Out). Once information is gathered from the client site, the aim is to maintain access to a historical record of ECO register records and reports.

Nimbus researchers applied a User Experience (UX) methodology to identify and analyse end-users’ requirements, influential towards informing both functional and non-functional requirements incorporated during the software development life-cycle. These requirements set out the criteria describing the desired capabilities for the proposed Customer Relationship and Asset Management System giving end-users an optimal user experience.

Benefits of the Engagement

The innovative application allows workers to operate more efficiently with significant time savings. Data logging has migrated from being paper-based to being tablet-based which assists technicians by providing validation, feedback, suggestions and integration with the tablet camera.

The process is not only faster but also less prone to mistakes such as incorrect or missing data. The system also handles report generation, register uploading, synchronization and reduces the effort required by administrative staff in organising their operations.

It is envisaged that the Customer Relationship and Asset Management System will support the ECO service division, production managers, admins and customers with levels of access to effectively manage all processes, communications and documentation associated with the ECO service in a streamlined manner.

“The Nimbus Technology Gateway…have contributed greatly to initial services research and development for SCRI- IS Technologies. We have a strong international focus and this project certainly paves the way for earlier than expected entry into targeted international markets”
- Dr Darren McDonnell, Director SCRI-IS Technologies





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