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Partner: ApisProtect

Partner: ApisProtect

05 November, 2020


Honey bees play an essential role in global food production. One-third of all food that we eat depends on pollinators and there are 91 million managed beehives worldwide. Unfortunately, honey bees are in trouble.

ApisProtect uses unique intelligent sensor technology to provide beekeepers with a 24/7 early warning system to give at-risk hives immediate attention. ApisProtect gives beekeepers actionable insights and alerts to help prevent losses, improve bee health and increase the productivity of their hives.

The Need

In preparation for its product launch, ApisProtect sought to promote its online presence and public relations. While beekeepers are aware of some assistive technologies, they require information and insights that are reliable and science-driven to choose the best product. ApisProtect contacted CIT to engage a marketing intern to increase brand awareness and highlight their reputation as experts in the bee monitoring technology industry.

The Solution

ApisProtect selected Clara Janin, an MSc Marketing Practice student to join their marketing team on her placement. Clara’s work was divided into two main tasks. The first was to promote ApisProtect as experts in the beekeeping technology industry and to attract potential leads to subscribe to their mailing list. The second was to conduct in-depth market research to identify leads.

Benefits of the Engagement

Clara played a supporting role at ApisProtect under the supervision of the Head of Marketing. Clara’s skill set and marketing knowledge helped to increase ApisProtect social media following by 118% in a year and its newsletter subscribers list by 289% in a year.

In addition to her tremendous work on social media, Clara assisted ApisProtect to identify potential leads through in-depth market research. She also designed ApisProtect’s new website from scratch, optimising it for search engines by conducting keywords search, speed tests, on-page, off-page and technical SEO, etc.

Clara’s impressive work with ApisProtect was acknowledged by the wider business community when she received the Cork Chamber Best Digital Marketing Student Award 2020. Aoife O’Mahony, Head of Marketing at ApisProtect said, “We were delighted to add Clara to our team this year. A bonus was when we nominated Clara for the best Marketing Student award in the Cork Chamber Social Media Awards and she won.”

“ApisProtect has worked with CIT for the past few years on a number of marketing projects. The duration and structure of the Marketing Practice placement ensures value for us as an organisation and for the student.”

- Aoife O’Mahony, Head of Marketing, ApisProtect   


“Winning this award means that all my hard work and all the skills I have learned throughout my education at CIT have not only been recognised at an academic level but by marketing professionals. This is a great asset to start my marketing career.”

 - Clara Janin, CIT MSc Marketing Practice student 







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