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Partner: PwC

Partner: PwC

30 November, 2020

Six Bachelor of Business in Accounting CIT students, placed with PwC in January 2020, have secured permanent contracts with the company for next year based on their strong performance on placement.

The year 3 placement familiarises students with work practices and provides the opportunity to observe the practical application of theoretical knowledge gained on this programme.

Shane O’Regan, a Senior Manager with PwC said he is consistently impressed with the calibre, capability and depth of CIT's accounting graduates."CIT’s accounting programme continues to provide an excellent stream of talent to the accountancy profession. In my experience, the programme continues to serve these students very well when they sit their professional accounting examinations, as we see consistently in their excellent pass rates", he added.

Dr Claire O’Sullivan Rochford, Head of Department of Accounting and Information Systems said placement with organisations such PwC enables students to contextualise their learning and develop new skills. “Work Placement is an integral part of the Bachelor of Business in Accounting and PwC provides CIT students with the real experience of working for one of the largest professional services firms in the world and confirms their chosen career path in accounting", she said.


“My six-month placement with PwC allowed me to strengthen my skill set and gain a vast amount of knowledge. It was interesting to see all of the knowledge I had acquired during my studies in CIT/MTU be used in real-life scenarios. I was trusted with substantial work which really allowed me to learn new skills.“ - Megan Neary


“I immediately felt part of the PwC team, thanks to the help and support I received from both my supervisors and colleagues. The valuable knowledge and practical skills I gained during my placement with PwC will help me in my final year of studies and future career.” - Mairead Walsh


“During my placement at PwC I learned a great deal about the company and the services they provide. I performed a variety of tasks including testing on bank recs and operating expenses and gained valuable knowledge during client meetings and from my managers.“ - Brian Lyons



“During my time at PwC I was able to see first-hand the different aspects that goes into running a successful company and the importance of each person's role in maintaining that success. It has been very rewarding learning new skills, while simultaneously applying what I have learned in CIT to the real world.” - Maura Godley



“When offered the opportunity to extend my placement at PwC by a further two months, I had no hesitation in accepting. CIT and PwC have facilitated my enthusiasm to constantly develop my skill set and continue to learn and grow as a professional. I am looking forward to rejoining the PwC Cork team in October 2021, having been offered a place on their graduate programme.“ - Lori McHale


“Working on different audit teams was always positive and every staff member on the team were always so kind and willing to help me in anyway they could. The support given to all interns was unbelievable all my managers, my mentor and my buddy helped me get the most out of my experience and not only cared about my learning but my personal growth too.” - Victoria Brennan






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