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Partner: Everseen

Partner: Everseen

23 February, 2021

Everseen is a Cork-based, artificial intelligence company, developing cutting edge computer vision and AI solutions for some of the world’s largest retailers. Founded by CEO Alan Herlihy in 2009, the company has grown considerably with offices in Blackpool, Cork; Timisoara, Romania and Miami. Everseen has taken the top spot in the 2020 Fast 50 Technology Awards and has won the Innovative New Technology Award in association with Google.

The Need
Everseen currently partners with prominent retail companies in the US and several large names in technology including Microsoft Azure, Dell and Nvidia. As they launch their technology in more stores and partner with more tech companies, Everseen identified the need to build on its communication and relationship management strategies.

The Solution
As part of a live project, Everseen engaged CIT’s MSc in Marketing Practice students to formulate a detailed report on a relationship management and communications strategy for the company. Students were divided into two groups, undertaking primary research to gain a deeper understanding of the sector.

Both groups interviewed Dwayne Crowley, Everseen’s Head of Marketing and a 2014  MSc in Marketing Practice graduate, as well as other artificial intelligence firms in Ireland. This provided insights into how these firms operate, enabling students to conduct a thorough competitive analysis. Secondary research involved analyzing the company’s press releases and social media interactions, while also observing how Everseen’s partners managed their respective communications and relationships.

The groups presented their final reports to Everseen via Zoom. The reports detailed relationship management strategies such as offering exclusive benefits to partners and setting mutual goals with both technology and retail partners. Communication strategies recommended by the groups included a website redesign, ensuring potential recruits and partners had a better understanding of the company plus an increased presence on social media.

Benefits of the Engagement
Partnering with the MSc in Marketing Practice programme gave Everseen an objective perspective on how they conduct their business strategies, providing an independent and in-depth analysis of where improvements could be made. The research conducted by both groups of students greatly enhanced their understanding of relationship marketing and the importance of an effective communications strategy.

Conor Kelleher, lecturer on the MSc programme was delighted that both he and the students had the opportunity to work with CIT alumnus Dwayne Crowley, adding, “It is a great way to show current students where hard work can take them and a true testament to the success of the programme that graduates are willing to come back and engage with us”.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and                          engaged group of professionals. Both groups took unique approaches              to studying the activities of Everseen and presented some excellent      proposals. Engaging with CIT and the course co-ordinators is always                  an easy and enjoyable experience.       

- Dwayne Crowley, Head of Marketing, Everseen.





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