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Partner: Gaeltacht Mhúscraí

Partner: Gaeltacht Mhúscraí

08 March, 2021


The V-LINC Research Group has been working with partners including local businesses in Múscraí, Failte Ireland, and Cork County Council to develop a micro cluster of unique and linked experiences for visitors seeking cultural tourism.

According to Dr Cliodhna Sargent, of the V-LINC Research Group, the Múscraí project aims to stimulate economic growth by providing visitors with an authentic tourism experience based on the intangible cultural heritage of the area. “Through this project, a package of activities will be created allowing tourists to experience everyday life in Gaeltacht Mhúscraí, not the leprechauns and shamrocks, but the uniquely authentic side,” Dr Sargent said.

The Need

The V-LINC Research Group and Gaeltacht Mhúscraí engaged Bachelor of Business in Marketing students to formulate a complete branding strategy for Gaeltacht Mhúscraí. The branding strategy aimed to attract tourists to the region and students were advised that recommendations should cover a five-year period.

The Solution

Students took on the role of brand consultants to formulate strategies for Gaeltacht Mhúscraí. Working remotely, 36 groups of students prepared oral presentations and written reports for representatives from Gaeltacht Mhúscraí and Dr Sargent. From these 36 groups, six were shortlisted.

Recommendations from the shortlisted groups included showcasing both the Gougan Barra and St Gobnait pilgrimage walks in the area and enlisting the services of micro-influencers to help elevate the profile of the community.

In line with current branding trends, audio logos were proposed as a means of establishing and distinguishing Gaeltacht Mhúscraí’s brand identity, as were short video advertisments to highlight the activities, attractions and atmosphere of the region.

Benefits of the Engagement

Gaeltacht Mhúscraí is in an early stage of development, so this was a fantastic opportunity for students to work with a clean slate, allowing them to make useful and actionable recommendations. Working remotely, due to the pandemic, was a challenging aspect for students, however, representatives from Gaeltacht Mhúscraí were extremely impressed with the recommendations they received.

Gaeltacht Mhúscraí found huge benefits from the engagement. The diversity of the presentations and the student’s proposals generated great ideas for the development of tourism within the region. Conor Kelleher, lecturer on the programme stressed the complexities of the projects, but highlighted how well students handled the task, “there are many varied stakeholders involved in Gaeltacht Mhúscraí, but overall, I think the students did an excellent job, with some creative recommendations and very solid justification”.

Brianna Connick, Jamie Sheehy, Kate O'Meara, Aoife O’Sullivan and Dean Sexton, one of the six shortlisted groups, created the video below showcasing the beauty, culture, and a few activities that can be experienced at Gaeltacht Mhúscraí.












“Overall, the stakeholders were delighted with the groups, the experience and the many ideas that were generated from it, each presentation created good ideas for the development of tourism within the region.”

- Gaeltacht Mhúscraí













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