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Partner: Music Mash Up / Music Generation Cork City

Partner: Music Mash Up / Music Generation Cork City

30 March, 2021

The ’Winter Jam Cork City 2020’ project, devised by Edel Sullivan, CIT Cork School of Music lecturer, brought CIT CSM Community Music degree students together with Music Mash Up/Music Generation Cork City facilitators and their students.

The project, which took place from October to December 2020, produced two original songs ‘Smile’ and ‘Our Winter Song’ as well as accompanying videos. This was a tremendous achievement considering all communication between the CIT CSM team and Music Mash Up was, due to Covid 19 restrictions, done virtually!

Music Mash Up provides access for young people of all abilities to learn music and is an inclusive community music project partnership between multiple community and voluntary organizations and Music Generation Cork City.

Our Winter Song

"Our Winter Song" - featuring students from School of the Divine Child and CIT Cork School of Music students. More information on how ‘Our Winter Song’ came about and who was involved can be here

‘Our Winter Song’ was written by students and staff of the School of the Divine Child (Lavanagh Centre) in Ballintemple, Cork, with the guidance of Music Mash Up facilitator, Clodagh Kearney.

Clodagh worked with staff and students during their weekly workshops to create the melody, lyrics, vocals, percussion and Lámh signs for the song. These were then sent to Edel and the Community Music students who began editing and arranging the material, adding vocals and instruments, while also creating a video for the song with the assistance of CIT CSM students and staff.

Clodagh said the style of back-and-forth delivery encouraged great creativity and originality in the children, adding, “For me as a music professional, working with Edel and gaining from her wealth of expertise and experience was a real privilege“.



"Smile" - A musical collaboration between students from the Cork Life Centre, Scoil Bernadette, St. Killian's and CIT Cork School of Music students. Find out more about the collaboration here.

‘Smile", the second song from the project,  brought CIT CSM Community Music students together with Music Mash Up facilitator Leah Hearne, and her students from The Cork Life Centre, Scoil Bernadette and St. Killian's.

CIT CSM students wrote the song for the ukulele, (suitable for beginners) and incorporated lyrics and piano recordings from Leah’s students in the Cork Life Centre as well as vocals from the pupils of Scoil Bernadette and St. Killian's.

Leah said, “The song and video came at a time when many needed a lift and gave students an opportunity to celebrate their musicality and creativity with friends and family”. 

Project creator, Edel Sullivan, said the long-term and trusting relationships built between Music Mashup facilitators and their students was an integral part of the success of the collaboration. “Working closely with such experienced and dedicated facilitators as Leah and Clodagh enabled myself and my students to design and execute a project relevant to the skills, abilities and creative interests of the Music Mash Up participants”.

“This is a true collaboration, building on established relationships and connections and forging new ones, Music Generation Cork City is very proud to support the Winter Jam 2020 project.”
- Claire Layton, Music Generation Co-Ordinator




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