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Partner: Raglan Road

Partner: Raglan Road

27 April, 2021


Raglan Road is a multi-award-winning Irish themed bar, restaurant, and music venue in Disney Springs, Orlando. Raglan Road maintains its high level of hospitality and Irish culture standards by maintaining a solid Irish presence in staff and management team of 350. The venue is open 365 days a year, offering nine hours of live music a day during the week and 13 hours at the weekend.  

The Need

A significant expansion in Disney Springs park in 2016 coincided with Raglan Road focusing on developing its own entertainment offering. The venue wanted to establish a fully professional regime, consistently capable of delivering high-quality Irish themed performances, and matching those of their Disney Springs neighbours - Cirque Du Soleil and the House of Blues. Raglan Road wanted to compete with these world class brands, while retaining its distinct Irish authenticity.  

The Solution

Ragland Road engaged with MTU Cork School of Music to develop a talent pool of Irish multi-instrumentalists and rhythm section players who could not only cover a traditional repertoire, but also Folk, Roots and crossovers of these genres. To date, 14 Cork School of Music students have spent at least a six-month residency in Raglan Road, Orlando.

During their residency, each CSM student is required to learn four and a half hours’ worth of material, which is constantly changing, and understand the cutting-edge technological side of the production. This musical mastery and technical fluency have allowed Raglan Road to design a world-class sound, LX, and visual rig, enabling this Irish themed venue to compete with world class brands.  

Benefits of the Engagement

The engagement with CSM provided Raglan Road with high-quality musicianship from players with advanced technical knowledge, providing consistent, top-quality performances in high quality productions.

This mutually beneficial collaboration has helped Raglan Road to build and strengthen its unique Irish brand. Taking part in these residencies has allowed CSM students develop their craft in a highly professional and brand-leading environment. Raglan Road provides a unique environment for students to develop their musical, technical and life skills.

CMS students also become part of the Raglan Learning Community – developed to facilitate the continuing professional development of resident musicians. This community provides opportunities to work on each other’s albums, participate in regular workshops with visiting artists and educators from e.g. Berklee College, Boston and collaborate with visitors on Raglan’s Artist in Residence Scheme. 

Many CSM students and alumni have spent up to two years at the venue, with some eventually using the opportunity to relocate to Orlando full-time. In a final element of symbiosis, the engagement has also attracted musicians who were previously on contract with Raglan Road, to return to Ireland and study at CSM!

The collaboration has developed a unique program of professional development for many young talented musicians over several years. The Raglan Road Alumni have been equipped with real technical, professional and performance skills invaluable in the pursuit of a career in the industry

- John Cooke, Co-Owner of Raglan Road, Orlando.





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