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Partner: FlexTime

Partner: FlexTime

08 June, 2021


FlexTime develops supplies working time solutions for flexible, home, mobile and shift work arrangements. Their systems work for organisations of any type and size, having over 400 customers, more than 5,000 implementations and over 200,000 users. FlexTime supplies to government, manufacturing, financial services, universities, health and other sectors across Europe and also provides services to other regions including North America.

The Need

The Nimbus Research Centre was tasked with creating and implementing conceptual designs based on research outcomes for Flextime. Part of the challenge presented was to understand the client (internal) and the customer (external) needs. The goal of this project is to identify key visionary customers, understand their needs, and verify that the clients' product solves a problem they are willing to pay to have solved.

The Solution

FlexTime availed of the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher initiative which provides funding for SMEs to engage in small scale or early-stage R&D activities to explore new ideas or concepts.

The first innovation voucher enabled Nimbus to deliver low fidelity information architecture based on researching the problem and potential solutions options. As the project continues, further UX objectives include:

  • Refining requirements in selected highly important user journeys
  • Application of strategic approach - highly visual management of information
  • Development & demonstration to inform deliverables for product development

Leading on to include:

  • Determination of product risk (What are we solving?)
  • Determination of market risk (Who is the competition?)
  • Determine customer risk (Research, engage potential early adopters)

Benefits of the Engagement
The UX design research and outputs will provide the primary Product Backlog features with the foundational user flows to inform and be used in further application development. By designing and validating the UX upfront, the resulting application features can be developed to correctly solve the users’ needs. This reduces the risk of developing the wrong thing, reducing cost and time of development, allowing Flextime to quickly move forward with other features and opportunities.

Deliverable prototypes will be discussed with stakeholders and evaluated against the current service offering, business development and business growth requirements to assess the potential for the strategic management, design and development of the proposed Software as a Service (SaaS) innovation. These studies will include, contextual enquiry, and an outline analysis to evaluate where value could be added. Observations on utilising a User Experience design-led process will provide important key insights to the project.

"This was a thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience from start to finish working with UX designer Barry Gettings in the Nimbus Gateway. Bringing UX expertise to the project coupled with truly innovative thinking, resulted in very worthwhile outputs. The Innovation Vouchers were key to success here.”
- Norman Noonan, FlexTime Ltd.





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