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'A Healthy CIT for Life' Week

'A Healthy CIT for Life' Week

02 April, 2019

Following on from the recent ‘Couch Chat’ mental health event, ‘A Healthy CIT’ ran a further series of health-related events throughout week 9 as part of ‘A Healthy CIT for Life’ week. The programme of events had a motivated team behind it, including Andrea Bickerdike, Joan Dinneen and Cian O’ Neill. 

Supported by GSK’s Community Investment Fund, this health and wellness initiative offered a range of events entirely free of charge. They centred around recreational movement, positive nutritional practices, and optimum time management.

Assisting with these events were Dr Noel Murray, Sinead Clancy and Lisa O'Brien from the Department of Tourism and Hospitality and Craig Harrington, Athletics Development Officer.

Activities were open to students and staff, being particularly valuable to award-year or postgraduate students, who are making the transition from higher education to the workplace. Activities included early morning walks around campus giving students and staff the opportunity to exercise with some social interaction. Yoga & Movement classes allowed students and staff to unwind and de-stress, while a cooking demonstration in the Tourism & Hospitality building was a fun and interactive way to teach students a few skills in the kitchen. 

There were also workshops with Dr. Alison  Merrotsy on nutrition and with Olympian, Lizzie Lee, on time management.

It was a very successful initiative, encouraging students and staff to try new activities and incorporate both physical and mental health routines in to their day.