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Latest updates on SIGMA’s SliceNet Project

Latest updates on SIGMA’s SliceNet Project

08 October, 2019

The H2020 SliceNet project has now entered its final year with the most recent project meeting hosted in Cork by CIT and DellEMC on September 25 & 26.

The project is at the point where the 5G network slicing technology, at the heart of the project, will now be integrated into three flagship testbeds in Cork, Aveiro and Bucharest.

CIT and DellEMC have developed an innovative in-ambulance TeleStroke Assessment Service use case, which acts as a demonstrator to showcase this underlying network slicing technology.

The key focus of the meeting was an integration Hackathon, with 20-30 networking specialists from all over Europe on site at the Cork testbed, integrating their specific project enablers.

Senior CIT researcher Mark Roddy, recently met with Mr Martin Dunne, the Director of the Irish National Ambulance Service, to discuss CIT’s research on telemedicine services over an experimental 5G in-ambulance communication system.

He presented Mr Dunne with the recently published brochure from the EU’s 5G PPP (  that showcases CIT’s in-ambulance TeleStroke Assessment service, currently under trial at DellEMC’s experimental 5G testbed in Ovens, Cork.

In addition, a paper entitled “5G Network Slicing for Mission-critical use cases” authored by four CIT researchers and three DellEMC researchers, was presented at the 5G World Forum conference in Dresden on October 1, by  Mark Roddy. 


Mark Roddy from Cork Institute of Technology presenting the SliceNet paper ‘5G Network Slicing for Mission-critical use cases’ at the 2nd Workshop on 5G-Trials as part of IEEE 5G World Forum in Dresden.